Monday, February 7, 2011

What to do with an L-Shaped Room ?

L shaped room can be a challenge to work with; they usually are rooms that combined a living room –dining room.  When preparing you home for sale there are a few things you can do to your L-shaped space to ensure it shows the functions of both dining and living.

First off, its best if the room is painted all the same color, and the same flooring  is carried through the space. A change in flooring or paint color can make the space appear smaller; our eye is drawn to the break in color. A stager’s goal is to keep the eye flowing through the space.

When designing your layout think of the space as two different spaces like a wall is between them. Decide what will be going in the dining room and what will be part of the living room.  Try not to over lap the room, keep passage ways clear so the space reads as two separate spaces.  

Like any shape of room place your furniture around the focal point in the room which may be a fireplace, window or TV.  Angles work great in L-shaped room so don’t be afraid to try it. Start with the biggest piece of furniture then add the small pieces to fill the space.

Mirrors are a great accent to enhance L shaped room. Not only will a mirror brighten up the space it can also make the space seem more spacious. Reflected light from a strategically placed mirror can actually give the illusion of double the space.

Lighting is very important; adjust your lighting to the size of the room. Try to stay away from ornamental lighting as it tends to make the space appear smaller

Take these steps in consideration when staging your L-shaped room. Give Buyers an idea of what to do with an odd shaped space.

Elysse Bulloch


Sheila Zeller said...

Fantastic article! Great tips that can be applied to a space, whether you're staging to sell, or styling to stay!

Elysse said...

Thanks Sheila!! Glad you liked it.